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“An Aztec Dance Troupe from Minneapolis, Minnesota !”

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Driving drum rhythms and dazzling costumes hold participants interest, and through each step the dancer in full regalia gives life to the symbols of the dance. The dancers are rooted in cultural understandings of the environment weaving together the Nahuatl cosmovision and creation stories of the Mexican ancestors. These presentations by Kalpulli Ketzal Coatlicue give students a basic understanding of the Nahuatl/Aztec representations of life through dance.

The Kalpulli Ketzal Coatlicue (“Precious Mother Earth”) is a Kalpulli (“learning community”) of Indigenous people joined by the desire to learn, share and live the tradition of Aztec dance. Ketzal Coatlicue pursues this spiritual, mental, and physical vocation with music from the sacred drum, conch shells, seeds and other instruments gifted by the natural environment. A majority of the members are youth, but participating members ages range from toddlers to elders. Ketzal Coatlicue’s cultural learning center is located in South Minneapolis.

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