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Here at KBFT we have many unique ways to show your love and support for all of our projects. From event sponsorships to connecting with a broad audience on our social media pages and website, there is a sure way to connect with your community.


Community Focused


Genuine Content


KBFT brings music, arts, and cultural events to the surrounding communities.


We are dedicated to reaching our local and distant communities via social media, through the airwaves, and in person through our events.


Reoccuring sponsorship shows your support for our mission to bring the best educational entertainment and breaking news to our community.


Our online presence has broken into the podcast networks and spilled over to many social media platforms. Our broad scope of connections in the digital format lets us inform not only the local communities but become available to everyone!

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Here is a simple form to complete to allow us to reach out to you. We look forward to discussing our various sponsorship opportunities.

For any kind of quiries, Please call

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13090 Westley Drive, Nett Lake, MN 55772