Ampers is a group of 18 different community radio stations throughout Minnesota. Each station is programmed by and for their specific community. The programming serves and teaches others about underserved populations including communities of color, new immigrants, Native American and rural areas not served by traditional media. This website showcases the work Ampers and its member stations create. Check back often because we add new content daily.

In Native Lights, people in Native communities around Mni Sota Mkoce – a.k.a. Minnesota – tell their stories about finding their gifts and sharing them with the community.

Minnesota Military Radio. With nearly 294,000 veterans and tens of thousands of guard and reserve troops, Minnesota is a state committed to supporting our friends and neighbors who serve and their families. Minnesota Military Radio is a reflection of that commitment.With a team of producers from the Minnesota National Guard, Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, and Minneapolis VA Health Care System, volunteer host and Vietnam veteran Tom Lyons strives to inform and entertain listeners in this weekly syndicated radio show and podcast.Through captivating, historic interviews with veterans of all eras, we also endeavor to preserve their stories of heroism before they are forgotten.

Native Voice One (NV1) educates, advocates, and celebrates Native American life and culture by providing a program service from a Native point of view. This service is for everyone interested in Native American news, culture, music, events, and life. NV1 enables Native people, especially those who do not have access to the many reservation and village-based Native owned and operated stations, to stay connected. Many Native stations and independent radio producers contribute Native-oriented programs to NV1 for inclusion in the NV1 program service.

Gaënö’ is a one hour, weekly show produced for Native Voice One: The Native American Radio Network, that focuses on the various genres of contemporary music created by talented artists from the numerous Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island. Gaënö’ seeks to not only entertain audiences with great music but to also educate listeners who may not be familiar with, or are new to the modern Native American music scene. Nearly every episode is accompanied by a 15-20 minute interview with a featured artist, where you get to know the person behind the music.

Indigenous in Music. Join Larry K from the Ho Chunk Nation, as he brings you a weekly two-hour mix of Indigenous music from around the Western Hemisphere, produced from the Two Buffalo Studios in Sarasota, FL. Enjoy interviews and new music in rock, pop, country, hip hop, blues, house and electronica from our Indigenous musicians.

The Main Stream. Host Brett Maybee (Seneca) curates a three-hour daily program that explores the best recorded music of yesterday and today. Safe enough to play at work, but daring enough to never get bored, Brett draws upon his love of all music to create the very best listening experience.

Native America Calling is a live, one-hour call-in talk show Monday – Friday at 1 pm ET. The program engages noted guests and listeners in a thought-provoking national conversation from a Native perspective.

Soul Deluxe is a weekly radio program featuring eclectic mix sets by Phoenix-based DJ Byron Fenix. The show spotlights Soul music and various genres that either gave rise to or were influenced by it, including Electronic, Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop, House, Jazz, and R&B. In addition to the music, the show exposes listeners to a variety of emerging urban-themed artists and musicians.

Unreserved is a one-hour weekly radio space for culture and conversation produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Host Rosanna Deerchild (CREE) takes you straight into Indigenous communities across North America, introducing listeners to the storytellers, culture makers, and community shakers.

NPR is an independent, nonprofit media organization that was founded on a mission to create a more informed public. Every day, NPR connects with millions of Americans on the air, online, and in person to explore the news, ideas, and what it means to be human. Through its network of member stations, NPR makes local stories national, national stories local, and global stories personal.

Counter Stories is a discussions on race, identity, social justice and culture in a region grappling with demographic changes. With Anthony Galloway, Luz Maria Frias, Don Eubanks and Hlee Lee.

Minnesota Public Radio® (MPR) is a public radio organizations, producing programming for radio, digital and live audiences. Operating a 46-station terrestrial radio network, MPR serves nearly all of Minnesota and parts of surrounding states. MPR’s three regional services —MPR NewsYourClassical MPR and The Current— reach 1 million listeners each week. A complete list of stations, programs and additional services can be found online.

Morning Edition. Every weekday for over three decades, Morning Edition has taken listeners around the country and the world with two hours of multi-faceted stories and commentaries that inform, challenge and occasionally amuse. Morning Edition is the most listened-to news radio program in the country.

World Cafe. When it comes to the airwaves, World Cafe is NPR’s most popular music radio show. More than 200 public radio stations, from all corners of the country, carry the two-hour program. visitors might only be familiar with the show’s performance chats with essential and emerging musicians, but the majority of World Cafe is new music from your favorite (and soon to be favorite) musicians, with classic songs sprinkled throughout.

Planetary Radio. Empowering the world’s citizens to advance space science and exploration.

PRX was launched in 2003 through a collaboration between the Station Resource Group and Atlantic Public Media, an inventive public radio production and training organization whose work also includes Today we serve independent producers and organizations by helping them connect to their most engaged, supportive audiences.

The World is public radio’s longest-running daily global news program. Our goal is to engage domestic US audiences with international affairs through human-centered journalism that consistently connects the global to the local and builds empathy for people around the world.

Science Friday. Covering the outer reaches of space to the tiniest microbes in our bodies, Science Friday is the trusted source for news about science, technology, and other cool stuff. Host Ira Flatow mixes it up by featuring people in the know and those who want to be. Science Friday frequently features listeners that call in with their most riveting science questions.