Clean water, land and legacy amendment

The Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund receives 19.75 percent of the sales tax revenue resulting from the Legacy amendment to support arts, arts education, and arts access, and to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage. Based on current sales tax revenue, Minnesotans will invest more than $1.2 billion in arts and cultural heritage fund projects and programs over the 25-year life of the tax. Up to this point, KBFT’s mission has been a simple one: Get up and running, develop a relevant programming format focused on our listener’s interests while keeping them entertained by featuring inspirational contemporary Native musicians, National, and Regional Native news, and Traditional music styles. KBFT’s focus moving forward will be on sharing Bois Forte Lifestyle, Arts, Heritage, Knowledge, and Perspective with our Minnesota neighbors. Through Minnesota Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Funding KBFT will build an informed community that is richer in appreciation for the Arts, Heritage, and deep Cultural roots that make Minnesota a great place to live, work and vacation.

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Native Spiritualty Circle

Talks on sobriety, AIM, Strongville, MN treaties, water and spirituality from various Native leaders.

Native Music Festival

Various music events held by KBFT and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


Bois Forte Ogema Anishinabeg. This project will explore Leaders, within the Tribal Government, both past and present as well as the spiritual leaders. Exploring Bois Forte Tribal leaders back to it’s recorded past of chiefs that resided on the Bois Forte reservation. Research will be partnered with the Bois Forte Heritage Center.


The goal of this project is to create historical discussion and provide a look into Minnesota Outdoor Heritage from a Bois Forte perspective. This project will invite community members to discuss and participate in Traditional Hunting, Fishing, Netting, Trapping, Snaring, Plant identification, gathering, harvesting and also focus on modern day activities like snowmobiling, sledding, skating, skiing, sled dogging, orienteering and more!



KBFT will produce and broadcast daily language segments that are designed to teach and preserve the Anishinabemoen language. The segments will be directed towards beginning and intermediate levels and will focus on vocabulary. A longer segment will be produced once a month that will be directed towards more fluent speakers. These segments will introduce, reinforce and maintain a pathway to revitalization, preserving and historically archiving the language as spoken in the Village of Nett Lake.



KBFT will produce and air recordings from the Annual Native American Storytelling event at the Bois Forte Heritage Center in Tower, MN. Native American Storytellers come from other tribal reservations in Minnesota come to the Bois Forte Heritage Center every February to share traditional stories and lore.

Native Arts Festival

Native Art Show/Festival

KBFT will create an art show event that will feature the artwork of local Minnesota Native American artists. At present there seems to be a lull in Native Arts activity in Northern Minnesota since 2000. KBFT will seek to cultivate a new generation of artists that are waiting to have their work featured locally, regionally and statewide.

Lost River

Lost River

A History of Nett Lake. This series attempts to revive and discuss parts of Nett Lake history that is no longer visible, might have been forgotten, or where little is known.

Native writing series

Native American Literature Series

KBFT will create a Monthly series that will highlight the literary works of Minnesota Native American Authors. A book of the month segment will be included as part of the productions. A historical perspective will be covered as well. Works from the past can be highlighted to create discussion on how Native Americans are portrayed through the years. Various forms of writing will be explored and shared from the local community perspective.

Native Foods Festival

Native Foods Festival

KBFT will create air and archive a Native American Food Festival. KBFT will host two events during the spring and fall that will invite knowledgeable native food specialist to share their knowledge of Traditional Tribal Foods and their preparation with recipes. Traditional hunting and Gathering techniques will also be shared with attendees and on-air discussions and posted on our website with all material being shared through Ampers.

Pow wow - The Songs

Pow Wow – The Songs

KBFT will produce weekly segments that will cover the topic of Pow Wows that will feature the music and songs. The shows will provide historical and traditional background significance of a “Pow Wow” and the integral role of the Drums themselves. In addition, the program will introduce The Head Staff, and teach listeners the basic agendas involved in such gatherings.

Cultural Crossings

KBFT will air weekly segments that cover a wide range of topics that will share with KBFT listeners the rich traditional significance of Anishinabe life of the people of Bois Forte and the Nett Lake Village. The segments will cover issues like seasonal observances, life stages, and spiritual items, significant places in our culture, forgotten teachings, and some observances on how life today affects a person trying to live a traditional way life.

Historical Window

Historical Window

KBFT will produce a weekly historical segment will highlight a point in time that relates to Bois Forte historical records. The show will involve Nett Lake’s community tribal historian, J. Kay Davis who has done extensive research over the last 10 years on archival records relating to historical journals that shed light on the Governmental activities in and around Bois Forte, Lake Vermilion and Deer Creek.

Elder Times

Elder Times

KBFT will air ½ hour and 1 hour segments depending on topic. KBFT will invite 3 or 4 community elders to share their perspective on important dates in history. The show host will research some significant historical happening in the past and ask the elders what they remember about that particular day or days that led up to it. The host will also get feedback from the elders on the broader significance and how they feel their lives were affected or how they felt it impacted the local community.

Pow Wow - the dance

Pow Wow – The Dance

KBFT will produce a weekly educational/informational series that will cover topics related to traditional and contemporary Native American dance. There are many styles of dance across North America but only 5 that are observed by the people of Nett Lake, MN. The series will cover each style of dance and explore the origins of each category. Dance is a part of every culture and there is significant meaning to each and why the style came into existence. Anishinabe dance style is colorful and artistically crafted with beautiful beadwork designs derived from the equally beautiful Minnesota flora & fauna. This project will highlight the artists and crafts people who carry on a rich, vibrant and strong culturally significant way of life for the Native American people of Minnesota.

younger dayz

Younger Dayz

This project is will feature a weekly production that shares the experiences and activities of our younger community members in and around the village of Nett Lake. They’ll be able to feature educational, recreational, cultural, entertainment, sports, news items that affect their lives in the community. This project will allow them to provide feedback on the other Arts, Culture, and History Fund projects that involve them throughout the year.

the Unexplained

The Unexplained

A series on the strange occurrences that have been witnessed or have happened on the Bois Forte Reservation.


This project will feature a look at native apparel through research and reproduction of authentic regalia of the Anishinabe Nation. This project will invite community members to participate in the making/production of regalia items and share how knowledge is passed along to keep this tradition alive.