Download Application HERE


Good morning all,

Here’s the 2022-2023 Bois Forte Energy Assistance Program application in case you haven’t received it in the mail.

The amount of crisis funds will be at $600, primary heat benefit will be determined by the three months income, prior to the month of you signing the EAP application. (as usual)

Please make sure you submit proof of income with your EAP application !!!

Any questions, just email me

Tracey Dagen

Registrar and Programs Manager

Bois Forte Tribal Government

5344 Lakeshore Dr

Nett Lake MN 55772

218-757-3261 ext 1197 Nett Lake (Tuesday-Thursday, NON Payday Fridays)

218-753-4542 Vermilion (Mondays & PayDay Fridays)

218-780-1478 Cell