The Big Garbage Truck is back on the road! Solid Waste will resume on REGULAR Scheduled Pick-Up Days:

TUESDAYS: Nett Lake Village, Palmquist, HWY 65, Indian Point & Sugarbush

THURSDAYS: Vermilion


Ø If you have any extra trash DO NOT place it on or next to the green canister, save it for next week’s solid waste run.

Ø Do Not put your Recycling in the green canister, Do Not put your Recycling Bags or Recycle Cans within 4 feet of the green canister.

Ø Snow is coming soon and its this time of the year you will have to start removing your green canister from the roadside after your solid waste pick up day, to ensure the green canister does not get ruined or buried by the snowplows.