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Crane (ajijaak)

Cranes are a type of large bird with long legs and necks in the biological family Gruidae of the order Gruiformes. The family has 15 species placed in four genera which are AntigoneBalearicaLeucogeranus, and Grus.[1] They are large birds with long necks and legs, a tapering form, and long secondary feathers on the wing that project over the tail. Most species have muted gray or white plumages, marked with black, and red bare patches on the face, but the crowned cranes of the genus Balearica have vibrantly-coloured wings and golden “crowns” of feathers. Cranes fly with their necks extended outwards instead of bent into an S-shape and their long legs outstretched.


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One of our Seven original Clans (Dodem), the
Crane (Ajijaak) represents wisdom and equal
communication for all Anishinaabe. The Crane
(Ajijaak) is also known as Baaswenazhii (Echo
Maker) because they would sound their voices to
gather our people for Ceremony, Council, and
Celebrations. We are reminded by the Crane
(Ajijaak) to think carefully and thoughtfully
before we speak, and to do so in a clear and
honest manner. As Anishinaabe, we believe that
the Crane (Ajijaak) is the one who all of our
Clans look to for guidance.


Related Words

ajijaak na a sandhill crane
sandhill crane
Grus canadensis

See also: ojijaak na [BL]

ojijaak na [BL] a sandhill crane
sandhill crane


Grus canadensis

See also: ajijaak na