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Friday, January 20, 2023 – Cultural connection: alligators

Alligators are known as large and fearsome reptiles. But they are also traditional touchstones and an important source of food for Southern and Southeastern tribes. Overhunting and human encroachment nearly drove the animal to extinction, but protections and habitat improvement helped them make a dramatic recovery. Today on Native America Calling, we’ll hear about ongoing tribal efforts to manage populations of the animal that continues to have an important and enduring connection with Everett Osceola (Seminole Tribe of Florida), cultural ambassador for the Seminole Tribe of Florida; Principal Chief Lora Ann Chaisson (United Houma Nation); and RJ Molinere (United Houma Nation), alligator hunter, arm wrestling champion, and star on the History Channel reality series “Swamp People”.

Break 1 music: Big Alligator (song) Chief Jim Billie (artist) Alligator Tales (album)

Break 2 music: Mistahi Mewasin (Really Delighted) (song) Young Spirit (artist) Akameyimoh Baby Boy (album)