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Elderly/Physically Disabled Firewood Program

1. What is the Bois Forte Elder/Physically Disabled Firewood Program?

It is a program designed to provide all people who are 55 or older by November 30 of the delivery year or physically disabled and residing within the reservation boundaries an opportunity to apply for firewood assistance. Applicants must use firewood as a fuel to heat his/her primary residence.

2. How do I get assistance and where do I apply?

You must call the Elderly Nutrition Program at 218 757-3790 between December 1 and December 31st of each year to sign up for the next winter heating season. Applications will be mailed to all Bois Forte Elder residents or you may pick up anapplication at the Community Center where meals are served. Written applications need to be completed and submitted yearly.

3. How much firewood can I receive?

You may request up to eight (8) cords of firewood, depending upon your need. The amount you receive may vary by plus or minus ½ cord of the amount you requested. The type of firewood delivered will be 85% true hardwood (i.e. birch, maple, ash, elm) beginning in May dependent on the status of the weather.

A Bois Forte Housing Elder’s Worker (BFHEW) will cut and split wood upon request. Your request should be made at the time of application so that you can be placed on the splitting schedule. However, if an able-bodied adult resides in your home, your request for cutting assistance will not be granted.

4. Can I be disqualified for this program?

Yes, if it is determined that either (1) you do not burn firewood in your home or (2) that you have abused your privilege by selling your firewood or giving it to someone who does not qualify for the program. These determinations will be made by the Bois Forte Elder Committee (BFEC) in their sole discretion.

5. What will happen if I am disqualified from the program?

You may reapply after a two-year waiting period. The two-year disqualification begins with the month in which you are disqualified.