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Indigenous YOUth Nation (IYN) is a radio show created to “Celebrate Culture”, “Empower Youth”, “Nourish Knowledge’’, “Inspire Intergenerational Dialogue”, “Normalize Culture” and build strong roots for our future generations. IYN highlights different Indigenous cultures into a radio show made by, with and for tweens and teens. Workshop (5 hour minimum): Use Your Voice Throwing voices: Vocal control Find your voice, Tell your story Equipment Mic Check: Prepare your equipment Utilization of microphones. Hands on with gear, mics, and headphones The Pre-Interview Creating Questions-How do you know what you want to say? Create your own Bio as a way to understand how a bio can help you. Who, What, Where, Why, When, How The Interview Asking your questions Know your subject, Research Active listening Post-Production Edit: What Slays and What Doesn’t… Putting it together There are 8 segments that youth choose from to build an episode:

-“Word to Know” This is a couple of words or phrases that are important to the theme of the show in the language of the spotlighted culture. These are put into different places in the show to support integration and repetition.

– “Day in the Life of” – This segment follows a youth while they are doing an everyday cultural task. The idea is to show how we integrate culture into our daily lives and that it is not separate from us. Indigenous culture is a daily part of life that is really cool!

-“Music” – This segment shares a recorded song from an artist that is celebrated in their community.

-“Book Feature” – This segment celebrates the spoken word of a community’s poet or author. A youth will read a book excerpt or poem from the featured author. If at all possible, it would be wonderful to have the youth interview the author as well.

-“Change Makers” – An inspiring story of youth change-makers who are working on creating a positive impact in their community.

-“Elder’s Wisdom” – We take some time to have a youth interview an elder in their community about wisdom or a cultural teaching that they would like for youth to understand.

-“Time Traveler” Join our youth ambassador as we run the halls of The Library of Congress and repatriate what they have in their archive about our particular Nation and we bring that home for our community.

-“Discussion” – Our youth co-hosts take a moment to discuss and reflect on the issues and concerns in their community and how the listening audience can learn more or participate.

GOALS: Youth empowerment, Basic radio media literacy, Teamwork, Understanding the power of each person’s voice and unique journey For more info please call Jeneda Benally 928-380-8014