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Have you been curious about the role Legacy Trauma plays in your life or the lives of others? If so, please join us for a Zoom presentation on Wednesday May 31st, 1:30-3:00pm. This webinar will be hosted by Bois Forte Behavioral Health providers Keran Flynn-Kroska, PhD, MS, LMFT-S and Michelle Long, BS Legacy Trauma We can’t untie every knot in our family’s past, but we can gain insight that may untangle patterns and answer questions about our own lives while positioning us to offer hope and insight to those in the generations that follow us.” – Michelle Van Loon Topics include: How can trauma carry over through generations? What role do Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) play in our physical & mental health? Self-Care & Mindfulness tips & techniques “Sleeping inside each of them were fragments of traumas too great to be resolved in one generation.” ― Mark Wolynn

Zoom meeting ID: 832 4170 5014 Passcode: 0531