Hello.  Due to Frank’s pharmacy being closed due to the flooding in Cook, these are the pharmacies that the Bois Forte Purchased Referred Care program utilizes for controlled medications (not available at our Nett Lake or Vermilion pharmacies).  Controlled medications are the medications that you are given a written paper prescription for. If you need a medication refilled from Frank’s pharmacy, please contact your medical provider for a new paper prescription to be sent to one of the pharmacies below. For your regular pharmacy needs, please continue to use the Nett Lake or Vermilion pharmacies.

Cook                                       Int’l Falls                                Eveleth                                  

Franks Pharmacy                    City Drug Pharmacy               Jon’s Drug

#1 Vermilion Drive                 314 3rd Street                           318 Grant Avenue

Cook MN 55723                     Int’l Falls MN 56649              Eveleth MN 55734

218-666-5325                          218-283-3061                          218-744-2774


Ely Community Hospital      Baron’s Pharmacy                Baron’s Pharmacy-Mesaba

Pharmacy                                1120 East 34th Street               3605 Mayfair Avenue

328 East Conan Street             Hibbing MN 55746                 Hibbing, MN 55746

Ely MN 55734                        218-263-7455                          218-263-4922


If you have any questions, please reply to this email or contact me at 218-753-2182 ext 8128 or Amanda Goggleye at 218-757-3650. Again, if you have a controlled medication prescription that needs to be refilled, please contact your medical provider. Thank you.