I was asked to send this out to people in our community. If you have a minute to take the survey, it would be most helpful in gathering data about housing stability. Miigwech!

Please see the information below from Heather Lindula. Input from professionals and community members will help the county identify housing needs and supports. Completing the survey helped me think about who else should provide input. https://s.surveyplanet.com/638lvu21

  1. Take a few minutes to complete the survey (it took me about 15 minutes, it was easy and comprehensive)
  2. Pass the survey along to your staff and other professionals not in the CCT
  3. Share the link with your clients, neighbors…
  4. Help your clients complete the survey

From Heather Lindula: Would you be so kind as to take some time to identify barriers to housing stability in northern St. Louis County? This survey helps to shape community needs and community solutions toward addressing housing instability. I know your time is valuable and I appreciate your donated time to this process. Please share broadly with your co-workers or collaborative partners and if possible, complete the survey with individuals/families with lived experience as you see fit. The voices of those with lived experience are crucial in identification of barriers to their housing stability.


 Thank you for taking the survey, passing it along or at least reading my email message! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks!!!  -Heather Lindula kanervaconsulting@gmail.com


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