Good morning, Bois Forte.  It was brought to my attention that fish has been dumped at girls landing.  This is a very unfortunate thing.  This spring, the DNR sent out a flyer with several dos and don’ts regarding bear issues.  One very important one was to not dump fish at the public landings on Nett Lake. We have a big enough bear issue as it is, we don’t need to make it worse by leaving food within the city limits.  It is very unfortunate that these fish were dumped there.  As everyone knows, girls landing has a great significance to Bois Forte.  It gives a spectacular view to Spirit Island, people still use it for swimming, but more importantly.  People still use it as a place that band members and non-band members alike go to pray and give offerings.  The last thing a spiritual and gathering place, such as this needs, is a bunch of fish and litter at the landing.  We also need to stop littering the shoreline as well.  I have had calls that people throw empty alcoholic beverage on the ground at the girls landing shore.  If you bring it down there, take it back home with you.  I know the DNR and all of Bois Forte, band members and non-band members alike, would greatly appreciate a community effort in keeping our landings clean, and not using them as a place to throw things away.  We greatly appreciate your help.

Conservation Officer Tony Mason