Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare and

Minnesota Family Planning Program Notice


During the COVID-19 emergency, the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) put special rules in place to help you keep your health care coverage. Due to a new federal law, we must now resume renewals. As of May 11, 2023, the Covid-19 Pandemic Health Emergency will end.

Regular Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare and Minnesota Family Planning Program rules will now apply.

Here is what you need to do:

· Report changes to your contact information

o Has your address, phone number or email address changed recently? If so, please report these to your county or tribal agency to make sure we can reach you.

· Watch for your renewal

o We must review your eligibility to see if you still qualify for coverage.

· Save paper proofs

o We will need proof of income for you and your family members. Please save current paystubs, income tax returns and other documents that show your income to send in with your renewal form.

The MN Dept of Human Services or St. Louis County PHHS will mail a renewal form to you. If you do not get this within the next 6-8 weeks, contact your county or tribal agency. Without your completed renewal form, your Medical Assistance, MNCare or MFP coverage will not continue. Questions? For more information, go online to .

If you have questions about this notice or your case, please contact Bois Forte’s Patient Benefits Case Managers:

Kristal Strong at the Vermilion Clinic @ 218-753-2182 or

Corey Strong at the Nett Lake Clinic @218-757-3650.