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Pig (gookoosh)

The pig (Sus domesticus), also called swine (pl.: swine) or hog, is an omnivorousdomesticatedeven-toed, hoofed mammal. It is named the domestic pig when distinguishing it from other members of the genus Sus. It is considered a subspecies of Sus scrofa (the wild boar or Eurasian boar) by some authorities, but as a distinct species by others. Pigs were domesticated in the Neolithic, both in East Asia and in the Near East. When domesticated pigs arrived in Europe, they extensively interbred with wild boar but retained their domesticated features.

A few other species of maple are also sometimes used as sources of sap for producing maple sugar, including the box elder (or Manitoba maple, A. negundo),[5] the silver maple (A. saccharinum),[6] and the bigleaf maple (A. macrophyllum).[7] Similar sugars may also be produced from birch or palm trees, among other sources.[8][9]


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Pigs are often ranked as one of the most intelligent species, possessing cognitive abilities shared with dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants, and even humans.4

While pigs have long demonstrated their complex cognition,5 every time a new study emerges, we seem surprised all over again by their intelligence.

All the way from a study in 1915 showing pigs could solve multiple-choice problems,6 to the headline-grabbing discovery that they can play video games,7 pigs continue to astound us.

In addition to learning video game play as quickly as chimpanzees,8 pigs can use mirrors to find hidden objects,9 understand the passage of time,10 and anticipate future events.11

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Waa, gichi-mindido naa aw gookoosh.
Boy, that sure is a huge pig!