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Tuesday, January 2, 2024 – Putting in the work to start the year off right

The New Year provides an opportunity to press the reset button and shed those intrusive negative thoughts. Improving our physical and mental health, prioritizing important relationships, and putting the worries of the world in the right context can all make a difference at home or at work. We’ll have helpful strategies and inspiration for everyone from expert self-starters to those working on a major motivation overhaul.


D.J. Eagle Bear Vanas (Odawa Nation), motivational storyteller, host of the PBS special “Discovering your Warrior Spirit”, and author of Warrior Within

Sifu JoAnn Wabisca (Métis-Cree), co-founder and instructor of Ekata Training Center; U.S Savate Team president and coach

Tanaya Winder (Southern Ute, Pyramid Lake Paiute, Diné, and Duckwater Shoshone), poet, writer, and motivational speaker