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Raven (gaagaagi)

raven is any of several larger-bodied passerine bird species in the genus Corvus. These species do not form a single taxonomic group within the genus. There is no consistent distinction between crows and ravens. Names are assigned to different species chiefly based on their size.

The largest raven species are the common raven and the thick-billed raven; these are also the largest passerine species.


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Anishinaabe Stories or Other Interesting Facts!


Native American culture is embedded with extensive tales and legends.  Every aspect of life, death, and existence has its own story to explain why things are the way they are.  Often, different Native American tribes had very similar beliefs, but most tribes have their own unique variations in the details of these legends. The raven is a significant figure in most Native American cultures.  It is seen as the creator of light and as a trickster figure.  As the maker of light, the raven symbolizes the ultimate creator of all things that existed before the beginning.  As a trickster figure, the raven is seen as a catalyst of mischief and mayhem.


Related Words

Ombiigiziwag igiweg gaagaagiwag noondaagoziwaad.
The ravens make a lot of noise when they caw.