Friday, June 2, 2023 – Recalling the breakout era for Australia’s Aboriginal bands

At a time when Australian bands like Men At Work, Midnight Oil, and INXS were reaching worldwide recognition, a number of Aboriginal rock and reggae bands were making their own waves in the music world. Names like Coloured Stone, No Fixed Address, and others were getting broader interest from audiences and notched impressive record sales globally. All the while they faced considerable racism and their peoples’ land rights battles, themes that their songs often invoke. We’ll hear from some of those musicians about how they now look back on this important decade of music.


Dr. Shino Konishi (Yawuru woman), associate professor for the Australian Catholic University 

Laurie Maypoet and former label manager for CAAMA Music

Ricky Harrison (Kurnai man), singer/songwriter with No Fixed Address 

Grant Hansen (Kulin man), guitarist/vocals with Blackfire; television and radio broadcaster 

Bunna Lawrie (Mirning man), singer and founding member of Coloured Stone, elder, whalesong, and medicine man 

Jason Lee Scott (Mirning/Wirrangu man), singer/songwriter

Break 1 music: Talkin’ Treaty (song) Blackfire [Australia] (artist) Regeneration (album)

Break 2 music: Blackbird Song (song) Emma Francisco, Frances Manuel, Joaquin Garcia & Lorenzo Pablo (artist)