Boozhoo Mino Gi Zheb,

In collaboration with the Nett Lake School, we are going to begin the process of the Manomin Camp with the Nett Lake School Students. We are looking for 5 local band member instructors to help teach youth ricing process. 5-Instructos will be paid $80 and will need to sign contract.

To start the Manomin Camp we are looking for anyone (Bois Forte band member) that might be interested in helping me take the students grades 3rd thru 6th to go pick the Manomin. Example 3rd grade band member students will go out with an adult in the canoes from 10am to 11am. 4th grade will go out from 11am to 12pm. 5th grade will go out from 12:30pm to 1:30 pm and 6th grade will go out from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.

After we get enough Manomin we will the begin the parching, jigging, fanning, and thrashing process.

And once we get the finished Manomin, we will have the Nett Lake School Mii Gwech Manomin Celebration at the Nett Lake School.

3rd grade has 6 students.

4th has 5 students.

5th has 6 students.

6th has 3 students.

6 canoes, paddles and knocking sticks will be provided.

Please sign up with me if you are interested in helping teach the youth how the ricing process works.


David Morrison Jr

Fitness Coordinator

Office: 218-757-0087