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Sunfish (agwadaashi)

Centrarchidae, better known as sunfishes, is a family of freshwater ray-finned fish belonging to the order Perciformes (formerly belonging to the deprecated order Centrarchiformes), native only to North America. There are eight universally included genera within the centrarchid family: Lepomis (true sunfishes), Micropterus (black basses), Pomoxis (crappies), Enneacanthus (banded sunfishes), Centrarchus (type genus, consisting solely of the flier C. macropterus), Archoplites (Sacramento perch), Ambloplites (rock basses), and Acantharchus (mud sunfish).[2] A genetic study in 2012 suggests that the highly distinct pygmy sunfishes of the genus Elassoma are also centrarchids.[3]

The centrarchid family comprises 38 identified species,[2] 34 of which are extant.[4] It includes many popular game fishes familiar to North American anglers, such as the rock basslargemouth bassbluegillpumpkinseedgreen sunfish and crappies. Most sunfish are highly valued panfish for sport fishing, and have been introduced in many areas outside their native ranges, sometimes becoming invasive species. While edible, they are not commercially marketed as food fish.


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Anishinaabe Story

We are told that the Fish (Giigoonh) people are the holders of the knowledge from the stars and our connection to the wisdom and medicine above. Many of the stories within our Anishinaabe oral history tell us that we are all a part of Creation, and that each relationship is sacred. The Fish (Giigoonh) is our connection to the Water (Niibii) and reminds us of our responsibility to stand up and protect all of our relatives within Creation.

View  the Sault tribes educational flyer about the fish clans! HERE

Related Words

fish n

giigoonh na a fish

See also: giingoo na [RL]

clean fish

bakazhaawe vai s/he cleans fish

fire-cured meat or fish

abwewasigan ni fire-cured meat or fish

roasted fish

abwaajigan ni roasted meat or fish

scale fish

jiiga’amegwe vai s/he scales fish

jiiga’e vai s/he scales fish

smoked fish

gaaski-giigoonh na smoked fish

gaaskaabasigan na smoke-cured animal or fish

See also: gaaskaabasigan ni