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Friday, February 10, 2023 – The big game

The Super Bowl is the last remaining television event which can attract more than 100 million viewers. That’s a whole lot of people witnessing the offensive name and imagery for the team from Kansas City and its fans’ problematic chants. At the same time, the organizers are making an effort to include Native fans in more appropriate ways and some Native fans are expressing their love for football in creative ways. Today on Native America Calling, we survey the good and bad about the Super Bowl with Kolby KickingWoman (Blackfeet), reporter and producer for Indian Country Today; Jared Yazzie (Navajo), artist, designer, and owner of OXDX Clothing; artist/designer Randy L. Barton AKA Randy Boogie (Diné); and Amanda Blackhorse (Diné), founder of Arizona to Rally Against Native American Mascots.