Friday, May 26, 2023 – The Menu: First Nations chef closes restaurant and Native flavors on PBS recipe show

What happens if you’re a chef and you lose your sense of smell, something that is crucial for taste? For First Nations chef Gerry Brandon, it was time to call it quits at his restaurant in Temiskaming Shores, Ontario that blended French, American, and Indigenous flavors and garnered positive reviews over the last four years. And a new season of PBS’ The Great American Recipe features two Native home cooks who get to share their Native culinary traditions with the show’s judges and audience. That’s on The Menu, the Native America Calling regular feature on Indigenous food.


Gerry Brandon (Anishinaabe from Dokis First Nation), chef and co-owner of L’Autochtone Taverne Américaine

Maria Givens (Coeur d’Alene), co-founder of Tahoma Peak Solutions and contestant on PBS’ The Great American Recipes

Relle Lum (Native Hawaiian), nurse practitioner, home cook, and contestant on PBS’ The Great American Recipes

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