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Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – The trouble finding safe drinking water

There is no more basic need than clean drinking water. That’s a need that the Santee Sioux Reservation in Nebraska has been lacking since the Environmental Protection Agency issued a no drink order in 2019. Wells on the reservation are showing levels the mineral manganese as much as 50 times higher than the agency considers safe. A long-term solution could cost upwards of $40 million. There’s no identifiable source of any funding for even a fraction of that amount.


Chairman Alonzo Denney (Santee Sioux), chairman of the Santee Sioux Nation

Vice Chairman Kameron Runnels (Santee Sioux), vice chairman of the Santee Sioux Nation

Mike Crosley (Santee Sioux), land manager for the Santee Sioux Nation

Lisa Sockabasin (citizen of the Passamaquoddy Tribe), co-CEO of Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness

Break 1 Music: The Water Will Cleanse Me (song) Russell Wallace (artist) Russell Wallace (album)

Break 2 Music: Turtle Island Reggae (song) Quese IMC & Cempoalli 20 (artist) Osahwuh (album)