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Tuesday, November 14, 2021 – When to know it’s time to re-brand

After reaching out to tribal leaders and citizens, the museum on the home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in North Carolina re-launched with a new name and purpose. It’s a major makeover that officials with the Museum of the Cherokee People say now pulls together aspects of all three federally recognized Cherokee tribes. It’s one of several Native organizations and businesses that recently saw a need to refresh their image to better reflect their changing goals and purpose. We’ll talk with museum officials as well as branding experts about taking on a change in direction.

Photo: The museum for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is known for its iconic wooden sculpture of Sequoyah. After a rebrand, the museum hopes it’s able to reflect a broader range of Cherokee culture (by Judy Dexter, via Flickr/CC)

Tim Neal (Cree), owner of a Saskatoon design and advertising studio  

Alex Lane (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians), manager of visitor services at the Museum of the Cherokee People